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Agile Methodology: The Renewed Face of Software Testing

The Agile Manifesto is not new to the software world. Organizations are adopting the technology in all forms and shapes’, aligning their business needs to achieve the ultimate goal of being receptive to the end users and the market needs.


Earlier, just like in other disciplines, the testing teams, too, were indiscriminate with the Agile concepts. However, it is now getting important to ascertain the role of the testing team to fit in with Agile concepts, adoption, timelines, and changing user requirements to where they would really fit in the lifecycle. The testing team has, over the years, gained the most from the varied angles that include the following:

Better Reputation for the Work They Do

The testing team has its own space and accountability and is no longer referred to as a production phase in the software lifecycle. The testers are involved up-front, not just in their testing efforts, but in all other aspects, like defining requirements, production planning, and the design stages. This level of involvement enhances their skills and brings out their best.

Improved Work With the Best Approaches

With a special focus on automation testing to save the test cycles, the testers have had some tasks taken off their plates which had previously been done manually. This has given testers more time to think and do bigger and better things.

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