Millions of Android Phones hijacked! Are You One of Them?

Yes! It is true. As per the news of Malwarebytes, A drive-by cryptomining campaign is increasingly troubling millions of Android users. It is a link campaign that brings users to specific websites in order to get access to their mobile devices. The aim of this campaign is to earn cryptocurrency by using people’s mobile phones.Continue reading “Millions of Android Phones hijacked! Are You One of Them?”

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Event

Here is a look at Google’s new smart products: 1. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Smartphone The Pixel is Google’s Smartphone that is particularly designed to show the best possible version of its Android mobile OS. The latest editions of these phones include new fingerprint sensors, OLED screens and are water resistant. A powerfulContinue reading “Here is Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Event”

Online Reputation Management Lessons Trump Taught Us

How exactly has Trump offered us online  reputation management lessons? Most potently, he has accomplished this  by his plethora of owned domain names. A study earlier this year  recorded that Trump possessed an astounding 3,643 of them. According to  Trump’s son, Eric, his father owns “tens of thousands” of domain names,  with thousands being addedContinue reading “Online Reputation Management Lessons Trump Taught Us”