Facing Problems with IOS 11? Here is How to Fix Them

The biggest iOS upgrading of this season have finally arrived. At present, if you wish to explore the newest iOS 11 features, you can download it to upgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod. In spite of the fact that every new iOS update won’t just bring new features to make our life more interesting, but additionally resolvesContinue reading “Facing Problems with IOS 11? Here is How to Fix Them”

Everything Apple Announced at The iPhone X Event: Highlights

  So, finally, the most awaited launch event by Apple, held at recently inaugurated Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in California. After so many leaks and rumors, Apple made some major announcements. The company released sensational iPhone X and called this product “the future of smartphones”: a tool for powerful computing and a platformContinue reading “Everything Apple Announced at The iPhone X Event: Highlights”

Current Trends In iPhone Application Development

The iPhone apps development market is widely spread. For developers and businesses, it provides a great scope to succeed in their related fields. An iPhone application creation doesn’t need businesses to invest millions, but still it helps them increase their revenue and efficiency. An app can gain the attention of lots of people if itContinue reading “Current Trends In iPhone Application Development”