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Facing Problems with IOS 11? Here is How to Fix Them


The biggest iOS upgrading of this season have finally arrived. At present, if you wish to explore the newest iOS 11 features, you can download it to upgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

In spite of the fact that every new iOS update won’t just bring new features to make our life more interesting, but additionally resolves bugs spotted in the previous versions. But, this does not mean iOS 11 is perfect and bugless.

Here we have collected some of the most common issues faced by users along with their solutions. Have a look at them, you may find your issue resolved.

Problem 1: Software update failed

Many users are facing issues in downloading the update iOS 11 or iOS 11.1. Almost everywhere people are facing this issue and each time a message named “Software Update Failed” is displayed on their screens. To solve this issue, you can try:

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Solution 1: Check whether your device is compatible with iOS 11 or not. Apple often leaves some devices behind when releasing new updates. As an example, you cannot update your iPhone 5 with iOS 11.

Solution 2: Reset your network settings.

Solution 3: Restart your device and try again.  To do so, press and hold the power button and the home buttons together and keep on holding until the Apple logo appears.

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Everything Apple Announced at The iPhone X Event: Highlights


So, finally, the most awaited launch event by Apple, held at recently inaugurated Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in California. After so many leaks and rumors, Apple made some major announcements. The company released sensational iPhone X and called this product “the future of smartphones”: a tool for powerful computing and a platform for augmented reality. But, the event was not only about the iPhone. It also brought with it a brand new Apple Watch and upgrades to Apple TV.

Let us have a look at everything Apple revealed at the September 12 launch event:

• iPhone X 

iPhone X is stuffed with the phenomenal latest technologies and a radical design. The device comes with a super retina display of 5.8 inches with an OLED screen, filling the whole front of the smartphone. To make a way for the huge display, iPhone X is comprised of the glass and stainless steel and is water and dust resistant. Apple asserts the new iPhone X will get two hours extra battery lifespan over the iPhone 7.

• Apple TV 4K

Apple TV got a dazzling update. Supporting both HDR and 4K, Apple TV 4K will now show amazingly crisp and sharp pictures. The fifth generation Apple TV additionally gets a remarkable performance boost. While Apple’s brand new iPad Pro 2 has an A10X processor, this time Apple TV update got A10X fusion processor which is amazingly fast.

The Apple TV application brings all the most loved shows and films together, and searching and getting content crosswise over Apple TV winds up noticeably consistent.

The Apple TV 4K will be accessible at $179 with 32GB of RAM and $199 for updated 64GB on September 15, and the shipping will begin on September 22.

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Current Trends In iPhone Application Development

Mobile Application Developement

The iPhone apps development market is widely spread. For developers and businesses, it provides a great scope to succeed in their related fields. An iPhone application creation doesn’t need businesses to invest millions, but still it helps them increase their revenue and efficiency. An app can gain the attention of lots of people if it is engaging and artistic, and this can help a business get popularity in a very short time. Maximum revenue can be attained from these creative apps in a business.

There are thousands of well liked apps in different app stores that are been downloaded a various times by different smart phone users. However, solely a few of them have helped businesses in organising huge revenue. The company is not responsible for the failure of an app.

Developers need to follow the recent trends which are most popular in the market in order to create a winning application.

The recent trends followed by developers are:

1. Feature-rich and complicated calendar applications are in fashion as per the present trend. Majority of apps development companies provide iPhone calendar application development services.

2. Social media applications have been trending off late. IPhone social media apps, offer a number of options and features to help users keep connected, for example Facebook apps. That’s the reason why social media is most important for the survival of a business.

3. The recent on the iPhone platter is JSON Framework Development. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a lightweight computer data interchange format.

4. No matter what’s the market trend, games are always been exciting, fascinating and are always got an audience. Gaming apps have taken first stage, even within the iPhone arena. Now 2D and 3D iPhone game apps are also being created for users, with the development of various tools.

5. Now a days a lot of attention has been gained by iPhone theme designing. Developers produce tailor created iPhone themes and icons according to the distinctive needs of the clients.

6. Cross Platform apps are the most recent trend. These apps are customized for major smart phone operating systems like iOS and Android.

7. Currently, free apps have additionally gained increasing importance. Although free applications can definitely help a business reach their target audience, and they don’t get any direct revenue

8. iPhone apps notify you about the special offers, whenever you are near a store or mall providing deals and discounts. For example, if you are passing by a cosmetics shop, the app may give you a notification regarding the offers or any discounts in that shop.

9. Within few days, iOS is going to enable developers to create powerful medical apps. These medical apps will facilitate patients in regulating their health properly and carefully. There are also apps being developed which facilitate physicians to monitor the health of patients. Some of the delicate medical apps help surgeons when they are carrying out any surgery.

The field of iPhone development is huge. There are a veriety of developments occurring and there is a lot more in store in future.