Things to Consider for Hiring a Talented Python Developer

Python can serve as a scripting language for the web applications. Besides, it covers many aspects of math, comprising numerical mathematics, algebra, and calculus and number theory. With so many applications, searching a good Python developer is a daunting task, though it is one of the most popular programming languages. Let’s take a look onContinue reading “Things to Consider for Hiring a Talented Python Developer”

What to Expect From the Next Java JDK 10?

With the release of JDK (Java Development Kit) 9, more focused is stressed upon the newest features of Java, comprising the overview of the modules. Though, more recent attention is paid to these powerful features, working on the next release of Java, JDK10 has been initiated. JDK 10, an application of Java Standard Edition 10,Continue reading “What to Expect From the Next Java JDK 10?”

Top 5 Main Reasons to Select PHP For A Web Development Project

Currently, PHP has gained much popularity by being customizable, however easy to maintain web development platform. As a favored server-side scripting language, PHP is widely used for evolving websites that have top-notch functionality. The creation of interactive, reliable, secure, dynamic and effective web pages for providing varied advantages. PHP offers many benefits that not onlyContinue reading “Top 5 Main Reasons to Select PHP For A Web Development Project”

13 Web Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018

Web technology is evolving at a very high rate. One that was popular earlier popular may not be impactful today. Web Development Companies in India are prone to frequent changes. In this article, coming web development trends are explained which will aid the development with improvised functionality and hence, will eventually improve their functionality. 1.Continue reading “13 Web Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018”

Secure Your Online Business with Future Proof PHP Web Development Service

All of us are very much aware of the fact that for a successful online business, effective web development is pivotal and with a diversity of technologies that exist in the market for web development, PHP is considered as main and highly accepted web development technology. Hence, the demand of PHP web development is veryContinue reading “Secure Your Online Business with Future Proof PHP Web Development Service”

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

You may not have heard about them yet, but Progressive Web Apps are about to change the app development landscape. Though announced in 2015, they have really gained popularity this year. Before it becomes the ‘in’ thing, let’s learn what the buzz is all about. What are Progressive Web Apps? PWA’s are the latest gameContinue reading “What Are Progressive Web Apps?”

What’s New in Angular 5 JavaScript Framework?

Finally, the wait for Google’s updated JavaScript framework is over. Angular 5 is finally launched. Google announced the good news on November 1, 2017.  But, planned support for progressive web apps and Material Design capabilities are not expected to ship until the last week of November 2017. With the release of Angular 5, Google maintainedContinue reading “What’s New in Angular 5 JavaScript Framework?”

Top 5 Common WordPress Errors and the Solutions to Fix Them

Fueling about 28% of the internet, WordPress is a prominent name in the web development realm. The foolproof CMS allows everyone to create a website virtually at record speed. And it doesn’t stop here! Thanks to its abundant number of plugins, there’s almost nothing that a user cannot accomplish through WordPress.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Laravel over other PHP Frameworks?

Laravel basically is an open source framework that enables developers to accelerate web application development without expanding the project’s development time. It has better performance and scalability when compared to other frameworks. Let’s have a closer look at its incredible features: 1. Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries Laravel contains pre-installed libraries that are object-oriented and this isContinue reading “What are the Benefits of Choosing Laravel over other PHP Frameworks?”

5 Trends That Will Redefine UI/UX Designing in the Future

UI/UX designing is a dynamic industry. The trends in this industry keep on changing. You work on a technology for maybe a couple months and afterward, you realize that it has been replaced with a more advanced version. That’s why it is necessary to remain up-to-date with the latest trend. So let’s see some ofContinue reading “5 Trends That Will Redefine UI/UX Designing in the Future”