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The Difference between Java and JavaScript


People often assume that since JavaScript has Java in its name, they are related to each other. While other programmers groan at this coupling, many even feel that the name muddling is part of a marketing ploy. The history of the two programming languages did intersect for a brief moment in time during the early days of Netscape. Read more!

Web Application Development

Modern Ideologies of Web Application Development

The recent trends in the web application development are way different than what they used to be in the olden days. Past development ideologies don’t make any sense in front of the new ones that have sprung up, however not all on the new slew are important.

Let’s explore the ideologies that matter in the realms of the modern web development and are essential to build successful applications.

Ideology 1: Building a quality application

A quality application is beyond specifications. Rather, it is an application that adapts to the changing faces of technology and is fit to be used for the present and for the future. This way, it will be able to solve the long term needs of the users and shall grow with their businesses. An added advantage that it will carry is it will be easy to work on.

Ideology 2: Being efficient doesn’t mean creating complex, non-workable applications quickly

This is a dark area and the answers may not be quite obvious. Efficiency has a direct relation with speed and it varies for every application that is to be developed. For the simpler web applications, it will be more; and for the complex ones, it will be less.

Speeding up the development process for complex applications might jumble up its specifications; worst case, it might turn the app completely impractical! The security might face a holdup together with its power to get accustomed to the future needs. The list is a long one here.

In short, productivity is all about building an application resourcefully, which interprets to an even balance between quality and speed.

Ideology 3: Always put the user first

This one is no-brainer. Frankly, like any other commodity, you’ve got to think of user acceptability. The constantly emerging web has changed the tools and methodologies with the advent of the newer devices, but this has not changed the most basic principle which is: The user must find it usable! Getting wrapped with the latest technology or putting too many things together to cut short is no excuse towards not providing a great user experience.

Ideology 4: Security Features

The online assets of businesses are usually attacked through their Web applications. The attackers mostly target validation protocols, access controls and all the privacy-related data. The vulnerabilities are exploited and despite being common knowledge, it is ignored by most of the developers.

Security is not something you can add at the end; it must be developed in the build right from the time you lay the first scratch. Verification mechanisms must be positioned right from the start to secure data during transits.

Ideology 5: Use Tools

Professional web development is no more about specialized focus with a single language. Presently, it is more of a jack-of-all-trades thing. Just like knowing about the web vulnerabilities is important, it is equally essential to have knowledge about the programming languages, API integration and responsive design creation. UX, JavaScript or modern architecture, it includes everything!

To sum up, web application development is more intricate than before, requiring an ever-evolving skillset within snugger deadlines. By using tools, you can achieve all this without sacrificing the function, security and the functional security and stand tall as the best web application development service provider.

Ideology 6: Must be viewable through multiple types of screens

The range of platforms and devices in today’s world makes it an utter necessity.

Ideology 7: Speedy apps win the race

This one again is a no brainer. No one is today’s world can wait for an eternity. Make the application handle more data from its sources, for which you will need to optimize your application properly. Otherwise, it will drive away the users, which can be bad for your business.

So, there you are. Follow these ideologies to lead web application development; however, bunking any of these can make your app feel like a dead horse.


4 Ways to Acquire LinkedIn Traffic to Your Blog

Social media plays a vital role in achieving traffic to your blog. It’s not easy to use social media and achieve the desire results. A proper use of social media can helps to get covet results. Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn are the largest social network but Linkedln is better social media site for business point of views that can helps you to drive traffic and qualified leads to your website. People use LinkedIn as business point of view rather than other social networking sites where people use to kill time to entertain themselves. LinkedIn is a great channel for marketing.


Here are some traffic driving LinkedIn tactics:
1. LinkedIn Pulse

It is a content publishing platform where people can only post if they are invited. This will include Big names like CEOs etc. Now a days it notifies the articles posted on it from anyone. This will helps in getting the content in front of a large audience. Linkedln pulse will only features the articles that appear to be gaining traction. Once a post is published your first degree connections plus anyone who follows you after reading a post of yours will be notified by default. LinkedIn inside features will include likes, comments, shares, and views to determine the quality of your content.

2. Reaching your targeted audience with groups

Millions of groups are available on Linkedln from them some are worthy and some are worthless . It is necessary to reach the perfect audience so, join the relevant group and show initiative through discussion or engagement which can drive required audience. Go into each group individually, and look at the most recent posts. You’re looking for groups that not only frequently post and share content but also engage with it. Various posts will get read by people and they will comment and like. So it will helps you in building your connections . The main key point to be kept in the mind is that never post too much content it will lead you as spammer.

3. Grow your Network

The main purpose of linkedln is to grow network. Growing a large network can help you in promoting your business. After making connections then start sharing your content and get involved in commenting ,liking, sharing the others content also. You can always endorse someone for skills to make them look better to potential employers.

grow your network

4. Share the right content

Sharing the useful content is necessary because that will train connections to pay attention to your posts. It will make you their “go-to guy” and will consult you when they need you. If you’re constantly posting links to really useful content, people will eventually notice that you only link to things they are interested in. When you link to your own articles, they will view those as well.

At last, Linkedln is a business oriented site and will keep growing in the future. LinkedIn could drive a massive amount of traffic to your site in the future. The four tactics I’ve shown you in this article must be used as a part of a complete LinkedIn strategy.


Building Successful Website Design.

In order to thrive one’s business needs one must have inspiration website design that matches with one’s business needs. There are numerous ways of getting your website design done from professionals. But you might be aware of the fact that generally for most of the projects designing budget is limited , few website designers will bestow you with ideal layouts. Here are the steps to build successful website design.wordpress blog pic

  • Stating your website purpose: While you start making design for your website, you must be very clear about the kind of business you are actually running. Recognizing your own needs as your business depends upon the kind of layout you are going to make is mandatory. You should make a list of all those points you are going to mention in your page so that there is no room for any mistake. Doing this way, brand loyality can be maintained apart from satisfying your customers.business branding image
  • Make your business a brand: By creating professional web design for your own business, your business can be converted into brand. Creating a decent brochure for your customers can be additional advantage. They will eventually come to know your services, in this way referral traffic will improve. Designing unique & compelling brochures is important specially when you are running international business.
  • Simplicity: Your website design should be simple and visually appealing because there is no alternative to simplicity. Your own website design depicts the quality of services your are rendering in the market. When it comes to dealing with customers you should be very clear about the plan and pricing statement. Having said that, Google’s web design is one of the most simplified layouts in the world however, people would still find it amusing and easier to explore.

Have experts advise or get them hired for your business .

So now you are aware of the importance of website design and how it can be created . It’s time to transform your business into a legitimate brand by creating professional website design. Your website should not offer any copyright material as it will adversely affect your brand reputation. You are bound to rock in the market once you have followed these simple steps while creating web layouts.


Mobile Commerce For Your Business

The demand for Mobile devices has increased at tremendous rate . People prefer mobile rather than pc’s and laptops. Smart phones and tablets are at great popularity .The latest reports suggest that mobile Internet usage will take over desktop Internet usage within a year. Due to advancement in technology web surfing is leading over mobile surfing. Each and every person around the world is depending upon the mobile devices. Mobile commerce is a secure, user-friendly and time-saving due to this factors mobile devices are at high demand. Many companies are pick Mobile Commerce so that they can reach their potential customers within a minute. As a matter of fact it is a kind of deal through which the ownership is being transferred so that you can use the goods or services through your mobile device.

Advantages of Mobile Commerce:

  • Convenience – It is a portable device that helps you to store information and data that can be accessed any time.

  • Accessibility – Your mobile device enables you to contact any information irrespective of time and place.

  • Security – Mobile Commerce also provide security depending upon the device used by the end-user.

Mobile Commerce Company helps the customers to have easy connectivity to the products and services. The website that is particularly developed for mobile phones or other mobile devices is popularly known as WAP. The demand of M-commerce is due to its lightweight, user-friendly and is available to everybody. Mobile Commerce Company allows you to book your ticket, avail information related to stocks, entertainment, and sports. You can also facilitate mobile banking which is a part of M-commerce, helps you to acquire knowledge regarding your account and allows you to make any kind of transaction.

M-commerce is taking the place of E-commerce at a faster pace. This is because the usage of mobile phone is increasing tremendously and more features are adding up every day to your mobile devices. Mobile Commerce Company will flourish in the market in the nearer future.


Best Software Outsourcing Company

In today’s world, the environment for conducting the business has undergone a huge change. There are many businesses that are facing the difficulties to survive in the highly challenging business environments. They find various effective ways in order to survive in the market. They adopt various tools like hiring the software outsourcing company, finding other cost trimming measures, etc.

The competitive load is growing, due to that businesses find difficulties to face the market. Many technologies, software and tools are developed to run the business. In order to develop business, choosing the best software outsourcing company is the best way to go for businesses that can help you to make more profits and offer your clients excellent service. Before taking the services of such software outsourcing companies, one should review about, various factors like technical ability, manpower capability, service standards, security issues, costs involved in development, required time, etc.

The software outsourcing company helps the business to use the available and required resources and derive benefits from it. The benefits may include reduction in costs, improved quality services to end customers, improvements in productivity of organization, etc. Software outsourcing is growing rapidly and helping companies to go beyond the capitalize market. Companies are amplifying their market through better portfolio and genuine results.

Three key points to keep in mind while selecting an Software outsourcing companies:

1) Objective

The business objectives and requirements should be cleared and will definitely help you in the selection process of software outsourcing firm. This will give you the standard criteria that the outsourcing company should meet in order to be considered as a probable provider. This document will help you in discovering technologies, proficiency, and other requirements that you will need to get your outsourcing project up in the market and running.

2) The Right Match

The right match related to your business is must. There are various countless of companies that offer the same services with varying selling points. Short list the various software outsourcing companies that actually offers services you need so that you can get a proper match related to your business. After getting the company that actually matches the standards and methodology of your organization, then check if the company has already worked on similar projects that enterprise you plan to outsource. Determine if the technologies, framework, and processes they are using match the requirements of your organization. Having a similar work mode and processes can lessen or ultimately eliminate communication barriers.

3) Track Record

Finding the perfect company that matches your outsourcing needs doesn’t end your search. You will need to dig deeper into the outsourcing company’s background and history and verify the company’s actual track record. Are they able to deliver their projects properly, provide clients satisfaction These are just some of the questions for which you need satisfying answers. If you feel that it is necessary to ask for a second or even third opinion then ask away. Having a result align review about the company will help you in determining if they will actually deliver your requirements for the project.


Digital Marketing: What Is it & Why It’s Imperative?

Digital Marketing is used to drive direct sales via Internet, increase the visibility of website and the promotion of brands & products through one or more types of electronic media. Digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Digital advertisers analyze marketing campaigns and monitor things like what is working & what’s not working, what is being noticed mostly, how regularly and for how long, sales tracking, what content doesn’t work & what works etc. The Internet channel is most closely associated with digital marketing including mobile apps, mobile instant messaging, wireless text messaging, google ads, radio channels & digital television etc.

digital marketing

Digital media is so pervasive through which individuals have access to info anytime & anywhere they need it. Digital media is an ever growing source of social interaction, shopping and entertainment. Consumers are now exposed not just to what your company says about your products & brands but what the other people & media is saying about your products. Consumers are more likely to believe them than you.

Digital Marketing has many forms ,Which can be used  as per the need to help your business. These various forms of Digital Marketing are briefly explained below – This is just an example.


  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :- SEM is a type of Internet Marketing associated with Researching, Submitting and Positioning of a website within the Search Engines to achieve the maximum visibility and get organic Traffic from search engines .
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- SEO is a process of getting traffic from Organic or Natural search results on Search Engines. Search Engine CRAWL the web page to see what is there. The basic principle of operation of all the Search Engines is the same, only the difference between them lead to major changes in Results Relevancy.
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM):- SMM is a process of gaining the traffic from Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and  YouTube etc. The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share on their different social networks. It also involves Paid Advertising through Social Media Networks.
  4. Email Marketing: – Email Marketing is a form of Direct Marketing that uses the Electronic mail as a means of Communicating Commercial message to an Audience. Email Marketing provides more opportunities for The Business and drives a better ROI (Return on Investment). With Email Marketing, Business can create deep relationships with a wider Audience.
  5. Content Marketing: – Content Marketing is a process of creating and sharing valuable, relevant content to attract and acquire the targeted Audience in order to drive profitable Customer Action. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell.

These all are the digital marketing techniques which are  used to drive direct sales. As we grow more digitally, the digital media is an ever growing source of shopping, social interaction and entertainment. It also helps to increase the business globally; even small companies are now worldwide participants. Digital marketing offers a way to move outside your field & into the world at large.

If you want to hire a Digital marketing company India, Seasia Infotech have team of skilled and experience  SEO, SMM & ORM professionals who  are experienced in delivering quality results.




5 Tips to Hire a Smart Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile application Development

It is a good move that you have decided to hire a mobile application development company. To add wings to your existing slow paced business you need to hire a best mobile application development company. Sometimes due to o lack of knowledge, the chances of selecting a wrong service provider increases. The article helps you to give solution to this problem with five important points and helps you to select a good mobile application development company.

1. Platform Experience

As we all know that experience count is the most important point. It may be any field you are looking for example: mobile application developer for Android, Windows Phone, iOS or any other platform, it is very important to make sure the working history its claims and promises. Checking out the reviews of the company over the web is a best and simple step in this regard from which we can make sure the status and online reputation of a company before hiring it.

2. Domain specific experience

After making sure about the platform of a company, now the next step is to go for a company that possess a magnifying and reliable working process in your related niche is another valuable point to take care of. It is often seen that app developers expertise in specified fields such as business, finance, etc. Unless, a team of other firms can also provide adequate help in various verticals such as travel, education, transportation, healthcare and non-profits and so on. You can have a better idea of the primogenitor, once you perform in-depth research of the market. Hence, you can avail even better opportunity of choosing the best company for your business.

3. Finesse

In this point the quality of work is discussed, means about the work which concerned developer guarantee for. To check the quality of work by the developer, you can install and use the other apps from that developer on your mobile device. After using the apps, if you find them smart, interactive and user-friendly, then you can opt for that mobile app development company. On the other hand if you do not find any interesting factor in these apps, then you can move forward and search the rest of the mobile development world; because the market is full of good service providers.

4. Deadlines

Finishing work on the desired time is very important. This point should also be considered before selecting a mobile application development company. The company should complete the work on given deadlines. Its a very worst condition when you have announced the date of app launch and at last hour you get to know that the app is not completed; really a helpless situation. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you must make sure that the company must finish its services on time and also gives proper justice to quality and standards in work.

5. Cost matters

If you are a big entrepreneur, cost might not matter to you while looking out for a elegant mobile app developer. However, paying large amounts for development projects is not everyone’s cup of tea. So you must select a company which come under your budget constraints if you are having a small or medium size business or are a beginner. You can ask for quotations from all the service providers that you think could provide your appropriate services in your fixed financial limit. Once you get an idea of the flow of market, it is comparably much easier and profitable to invest.

If you want to hire a Mobile Application Development Company India, Seasia Infotech have team of skilled and experience iphone, Android & Windows phone developers who develops quality mobile apps for many platforms that suit for business needs.