Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Smartphones have turned into an inseparable part of our life. Getting up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, reading news, listening to music, viewing YouTube videos, replying emails, updating project status and so on, everything is flawlessly executed from our smartphones. 2017 was a remarkable year for application development. And now when a new yearContinue reading “Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018”


What Should You Do If Your App Idea Already Exist?

There are more than 2 million applications in the Apple App Store and around 3 million applications in the Google Play Store. So, your app idea may not be the unique one. Possibly your idea has been implemented, but not in the perfect way. Or, on the other hand, possibly you’ll discover, there is aContinue reading “What Should You Do If Your App Idea Already Exist?”

Do You Want to Monetize Your App? Here’s What You Need to Consider

You have developed a compelling app that engages larger audience. The next step that App Development Company in India must consider is to use different strategies and tactics that can allow your app to provide an ongoing source of income. Take a look at how mobile application development can transform your app into consistent income with aContinue reading “Do You Want to Monetize Your App? Here’s What You Need to Consider”

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

You may not have heard about them yet, but Progressive Web Apps are about to change the app development landscape. Though announced in 2015, they have really gained popularity this year. Before it becomes the ‘in’ thing, let’s learn what the buzz is all about. What are Progressive Web Apps? PWA’s are the latest gameContinue reading “What Are Progressive Web Apps?”

How to Design a Great Mobile App User Experience?

The first thing we all need to understand is that design is the most important aspect of creating mobile applications. We live in an era where mobile applications have become a major source of delivering services and doing business. It is really hard to imagine life without smartphones, and mobile applications in them have becomeContinue reading “How to Design a Great Mobile App User Experience?”