The Limitations of Beacon Based Tracking and Advertising

With the rising costs, shifts in customer expectations and stiff competition, retailers are always on the outlook for ways to gain efficiency and increase sales. So, when beacons appeared on the tech scene in 2013, there was a lot of hype around them. They were able to and provide targeted messaging to customers as theyContinue reading “The Limitations of Beacon Based Tracking and Advertising”

Improve Your Business ROI with Beacon Apps

Beacons can detect the location of the devices. It can help the organization to track the location of their employees within the office premises. In addition to employee time tracking these devices can also be utilized in improving staff productivity, booking meeting rooms and more. Beacon for Retail Stores Beacon applications are widely used inContinue reading “Improve Your Business ROI with Beacon Apps”

The Pain and Promises of the Beacon Technology in the Retail Sector

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, turning science fiction into reality gradually. The beacon technology is one such technological advancement that was once a figment of the imagination of countless researchers. Let’s glance through at how beacon technology is sprouting and changing our business world. What is a Beacon? A Beacon is a small,Continue reading “The Pain and Promises of the Beacon Technology in the Retail Sector”