12 Apps to Increase the Productivity of Your Small Business

Technology has changed the way in which business is conducted. With the assistance of a few applications, small companies can work effectively to increase productivity and enhance collaboration between team members. To spare business owners the inconvenience of searching productive applications, here are some applications that business people can take advantage of. 1. Buffer forContinue reading “12 Apps to Increase the Productivity of Your Small Business”

Online Reputation Management Lessons Trump Taught Us

How exactly has Trump offered us online  reputation management lessons? Most potently, he has accomplished this  by his plethora of owned domain names. A study earlier this year  recorded that Trump possessed an astounding 3,643 of them. According to  Trump’s son, Eric, his father owns “tens of thousands” of domain names,  with thousands being addedContinue reading “Online Reputation Management Lessons Trump Taught Us”

Improve Your Business ROI with Beacon Apps

Beacons can detect the location of the devices. It can help the organization to track the location of their employees within the office premises. In addition to employee time tracking these devices can also be utilized in improving staff productivity, booking meeting rooms and more. Beacon for Retail Stores Beacon applications are widely used inContinue reading “Improve Your Business ROI with Beacon Apps”